Problems deleting/editing files created with CIFS device

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Problems deleting/editing files created with CIFS device


I've no experiences with alfresco. I tryed alfresco 2.0 for the first time. All seems to be OK. I enabled the CIFS service and got access to the network device. After i created a new file I could not edit or delete this file. Naither from the web UI nor from the network device. It was just possible to check out the file. I've got the following error message.

09:26:01,257 ERROR [org.alfresco.web.ui.common.Utils] Unable to delete File due to system error: 
org.alfresco.service.cmr.lock.NodeLockedException: The node (id:df898853-ce41-11db-b2bc-5db87fb8f1be) could not be locked since it is already locked by another user.

The user which i used to login the net device is the same as the one i use at the web UI. When i try to delete the file as admin then i get the same message. I also tryed to delete the message from the net device. At first it disappears but after a renew i see the file is still there.

Can sombody help me please! Is it just a mistake in my configuration or may it be a unknown bug? I did not change any of the default configuration. I've just removed the marks for CIFS.

Thans for all support

Ive found out whats wrong.
If i mount the alfresco CIFS folder as an net drive (Windows 2000) the checkout/checkin did not work. But when i mount the folder dirctly with the path (\\_A\Alfresco\...) then all works fine.

This seems to be a bug?!

I've duplicated this issue here as well (Alfresco Enterprise 2.1 using CIFS, NTLM single sign on etc).

When an Alfresco directory is a mapped network drive, the various actions (checkin/out, details) all fail, but it works flawlessly when browsing directly to the share.

Can you raise this in JIRA please will as much information on your setup as you can provide.



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Check-in-out Through CIFS Fails using Mapped-Drive

I'm experiencing exactly the same problem.
It does appear to work if you browse using UNC instead of a mapped-drive.

I'm using Alfresco Enterprise 2.1, default install. The CIFS client (MS Windows Explorer) is a on a standalone laptop, whilst the server is running on a VM on that same laptop.

Did you log this defect into JIRA? I couldn't find a reference to it...


What's the client OS and version that you're using ?.



Client OS: MS Windows XP sp2.
I guess you're having problems reproducing the error.

Same problem here.

Alfresco installed on Debian, Windows XP and Windows vista clients can use checkinout.exe only if they use the unc path, not on a mapped drive.


When you mount the cifs root folder "alfresco" as drive. Then it is possible. Not if you mount a subfolder. You get "no such parameter for action" and can't use the checkinout.exe.


It looks like this issue:
__ShowDetails.exe/__CheckInOut.exe fails if mapping network drive to a space:

It's marked as 'resolved', but the fixed-version isn't indicated.

Which version are you guys using 2.1.0 commuinity or 2.1.1 enterprise?

I've also come across this problem today. We're using 2.1.1. Enterprise version

Re: Problems deleting/editing files created with CIFS device

I have still the same problem with the Alfresco 3 Labs version. When I put a file on "__AlfrescoCheckInOut.exe" I have the message "No parameters for action".

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