Build Alfresco 5 using maven

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Build Alfresco 5 using maven


I downloaded alfresco repository from svn and i built it using maven (mvn clean install). Everything was built fine.
How to merge war files together to create complete alfresco.war file. After unpacking alfresco.war, which was created in web-client project, contains only files from web-client project.

Which parameters should i use to create complete alfresco.war file?
Is there option to deploy alfresco and share application to my local tomcat instance?

That operations was available in ant script.


The community share.war is

The community share.war is put into the root/projects/slingshot/target folder

The community alfresco.war is put into the root/projects/web-client/target folder

You build community by "mvn install" you can add -D skipTests if you are in a hurry.

At the moment I'm resorting to a shell script to deploy. I'm sure there is a better way to do it.

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