Authentication Subsystem, LDAP-AD, not functioning in 5.0.a

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Authentication Subsystem, LDAP-AD, not functioning in 5.0.a

I have been attempting to upgrade my 4.2.e instance to 5.0.a. I am running in to an issue when attempting to configure the Authentication Subsystem to enable passthru authentication to my AD server. I noticed after the install that ldap, ldap-ad and passthru folders were missing from the Authentication folder. I copied over the Authentication folder from my 4.2.e instance, but still receive Failed to communicate with the ldap://domaincontroller.company.com.

I am uncertain were to configure the ldap subsystems in the new 5.0.a instance.


Configuration has not changed

Configuration has not changed but its never been correct to hack files in the exploded alfresco war.

You should configure it via alfresco-global.properties or in the case where you have multiple ldap configurations or want to do something special, through the subsystem over-rides in the "shared" folder.

Thank you for your quick

Thank you for your quick response. Can you point me in the direction of the proper way to configure ldap authentication? I have only followed the instructions I received from a training class I took and several online manuals. I will gladly use the correct configuration if I knew what that was. In other words would you mind linking to the proper page of the manual as I must have over looked that section.


Same problems


Same problems with me, can anyone help us out with this thing? Which files should our import in the war files.

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