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Reset the admin password

Hi all,

We're using Alfresco 3.3 and have forgotten about the admin password. We've followed instructions at:

[1] The method with running the SQL command doesn't work since no row is returned
-> I believe the command isn't up to date anymore, could it be updated?

[2] The method about modifying tomcat/webapps/alfresco/WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/authority-services-context.xml also didn't work. We tried adding the below xml code as per http://wiki.alfresco.com/wiki/Security_Services



Whenever we modify the file Tomcat becomes unavailable with the below error:
404 - The requested resource () is not available
-> Do you have clear instructions as to how modifying the authority-services-context.xml file?

I appreciate I may not be very familiar with Alfresco but I found the procedure/documentation as to how resetting the admin password quite poor.

Re: Reset the admin password

Hi all,

Could someone give me some directions as to how moving forward?


Re: Reset the admin password

Hello Maxime,

I believe that AuthorityServiceImpl.java has changed and does not have a setAdminUsers method anymore.
You can check the errors in alfresco.log or catalina.out

So there must be another method of resetting the admin password. If you know the password of a user who is in a group, then add that group to the adminGroups in authority-services-context.xml

It seems like the wiki is very out-of-date on this topic.

Nicolas Raoul

Re: Reset the admin password

Unlike authority-services-context.xml, the file alfresco-authentication-context.xml (in the alfrescoNtlm subsystem) allows one to add defaultAdministratorUserNames values.
Unfortunately, it does not seem to have any effect: After a restart, the specified user still can not access administration tools nor create spaces where he wants.

Re: Reset the admin password

OK, I have found :-)

1) Stop Alfresco
2) Open file alfresco-global.properties
3) Add this line: alfresco_user_store.adminusername=hippolyte
4) Start Alfresco

That's supposing you know the password of a user called hippolyte.
Does it work for you?
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Re: Reset the admin password

Easy, and it works.
Thank you

Re: Reset the admin password

for some reason that didn't work for me. I'm not sure why. I'm on 3.4

quickly reset admin password

I have resumed some tips exposed in the official wiki page to quickly reset the Alfresco admin password.
Take a look here:

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