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Admin password lost

Hello people,

I lost the admin password, I configured during the installation. What is the procedure to recovery this password ?

I want to modify the link mentionned in the mail sending when a new document is uploaded. How can I do it please ?

Thanks a lot !

Re: Admin password lost

I'm having such problem too.

How can i give admin permission to another account? Or another way to solve this problem.

Best regards, Belashoff Andrey.

Re: Admin password lost

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Re: Admin password lost

Admin account was deleted by accident.

If i modify

and add users to section "AdminUsers", after restarting Alfresco Server i cannot log in with it.

After login attempt i remove it from file, and login is successfully.

Look my





Re: Admin password lost

The wiki entry:


would appear to be out of date. Adding the property to authority-services-context.xml no longer works. Does anyone have a workable solution for 3.3?


Re: Admin password lost

hi, there is a way for you to escape your misery in java coding and adding new servlet where you will access repository and change admin password ( you can do anything actually )
If you do not find any other way in xmls let me know i can provide you with the code.

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Re: Admin password lost

You could temporarily override this property (please revert back once the change has been made)


or you could override the authenticationComponent bean in the alfrescoNtlm subsystem as described in


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