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Looking for Community users


I'm looking to find a contact who uses Alfresco Community in a production environment. I'd like to hear about your experiences, the size of your system and whether or not you needed or used consulting help.

Alternatively, since I don't seem to be getting any hits here, can someone recommend another discussion board?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Amyegg,

Hi Amyegg,
I'm an experienced Alfresco user. I started working on the 1st Alfresco release many years ago (ECM and WCM).
I've always used Enterprise versions, but privately/study I use the community version.
your request about the usage of the community in production it's pretty vague.
Which area you want to drill down? When I started to work with Alfresco there was no many person skilled on it, but what we did has been done without any external support.
let me know what you need and exactly in which area.

Daniele Bernotti



Thanks for your reply, and sorry for not responding to your response earlier, but I'm new to this forum, and I thought I had it set up to send me emails when I get responses, but I guess not.

To be more specific, I'd be interested in speaking to any Alfresco Community users who have large amounts of files and/or users and store critical company content. I'd like to know how much of a staff they have to support their systems and what kind of skills that staff has.


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