centos or ubuntu server best for alfresco?

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centos or ubuntu server best for alfresco?

hi everyone,

wanna check. which one should i use? centos or ubuntu server? which one works best with alfresco 4.0 community edition (and also enterprise).

and which version of the linux? e.g. Centos 6 or Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64 bits server...

I am considering for a dedicated server, just want to know which to install.

any help? thanks.

Re: centos or ubuntu server best for alfresco?

I suggest to take a look at the official supported platform of Alfresco at the following address:
Hope this helps.

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Re: centos or ubuntu server best for alfresco?

Both will be equally good and it comes down to personal preference.
One other thing to consider is what install method will you run - package installation or custom/ WAR installation.
I have tried both and settled for the latter as the standard OS installs of such things as Tomcat etc seemed to be better managed for updates (security patches etc).
I also know where everything is where it "should" be.
What is worth doing is to run a separate development/ test server (VM image or separate machine) to try things out before you inflict them on your system users.
Work out an implementation and test plan - what you want to achieve and what tests you will apply to verify this.
Ensure that you run a separate test client as aan average user, easy to fall into the trap of always logging as Administrator and then wonder why users complain about things that don't work for them where they work for you (or your priviliges).
Doing this will save a lot of angst.

Cheers, Sasquatch

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Re: centos or ubuntu server best for alfresco?

thanks :) i will stick to ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64 bits, coz more familiar with this :)

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