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How to restore older version


How can I restore older version of a file. I updated a file and created new version, now I want to delete new version of file and want to restore old one.

Please help me, how can I do it.

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Re: How to restore older version


Whats the version of Alfresco you are using.?

To restore the old version, it can be achieved by the 2 following approaches:

1. Delete the current version only.
2. Get the old version and check-in has the updated document.

Details of each approach :
1. Currently to delete a specific version of the document , the new Version Service is available with Alfresco Labs 3d (Stable/Final) release.
There is an JIRA item on this regard: https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ALFCOM-2839
So let's hope this would soon be released to stable build releases.

2. For our second approach, go to the "View Details" action of the document, if the history is enabled you would see all versions of the existing document.Now view the document you would like to get it restored, save it in your local and check-in that document as a new version.

Hope this helps.

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