Webscript Streaming JSON Content

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Webscript Streaming JSON Content

I have a webscript(java) for saving documents. Works fine for all type of binary content of any size(checked for 500MB, max limit 4GB) except for JSON content....

When saving the json content any thing larger than couple of MB(more than 4MB ) fails.

Added the the following property to the alfresc-global.propertues to the increase webscript memory threshold whose default value is 4MB
webscripts.memoryThreshold=209716200 which is good for 200MB.

When i increased the threshhold , I was able to save the json file...

Based on the above the change in memory , the json content is not being streamed like its doing for binary content.

My client requirement is to save the json content as is without compressing, reason being that the client wants to implement the full text search on these jsons content

Increasing the webscripts.memoryThreshold is temporary solution , as its not going to work in case of multiple concurrent users uploading bigger json file. This will easily reach the memory threshold and fail.

Looking at long time solutions , how can we force alfresco to stream the json content(for any type content)..

req.getContent().getInputStream() return null when threshold reaches..



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