Question about getting source code of a specific version

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Question about getting source code of a specific version


Where can we get the source of a specific version, say 2.9B? Right now, external users can only access the svn HEAD, which is a moving target, and there is no way for us to know the server we are running now corresponds to which version of the source code. This makes it so much harder for us to manage.

Would it be so hard to give read access to the tags folder? Or am I missing something stupidly obvious?


anna kane

Re: Question about getting source code of a specific version

See this topic http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=143373&package_id=189441
Just download the SDK for your specific version.

Peter Löfgren

Re: Question about getting source code of a specific version

I have just started trying to get setup to work on Alfresco, and was wondering the same thing.

The SDK readme.txt says:

The SDK is not designed for re-building Alfresco i.e. it does not provide full build scripts and artifacts, therefore if you wish to develop bug fixes or extend the core functionality of the Alfresco platform, you should use the full Alfresco development environment provided in the Alfresco SVN Repository.

I have been searching this forum for answers, and it would seem that it is not possible to gain access to open source code for any stable production build!

I have found the following particularly enlightening:

I have compiled the following list of threads from this forum asking about source access:

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Chris Hubick

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