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mime type

please is ther some body to give me the list of mime types supported by alfresco

Its depend on your version.

Its depend on your version.
You can check out list from the mimetype dropdown when you upload the document through alfresco explorer

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for the alfresco 4.2 for

for the alfresco 4.2 for exemple can you give the list of the mime types because im still in my beginnings on alfresco

This question is tricky to

This question is tricky to answer.

In general there's no restriction to the "supported mimetype" since you can configure as many different mimetypes as you want, including your own. You can look at the DataModel/config/alfresco/mimetype/mimetype-map.xml and mimetype-map-openoffice.xml to get an idea of some of the values, its a long list.

On the other hand clearly some mimetypes have more features enabled e.g. can the mimetype be previewed, indexed, transformed. Again that is configurable so in theory that's unlimited as well.

thank you for your

thank you for your cooperation

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