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Show message on search result page

Hi -- we want to display a message that says "No records found" for a search. The default is that a zero appears in the top left part of the results screen, but users prefer a message. Can this be configured or do we have to change the jsp? Can you point us the right direction? Thanks

Depending on list view

Hi Steve,

Your request is depending on the list view, which is used to display the search results (see Search master plugin ResultListViews/View configuration parameter).

If you would use a simple HTML list view from classname="com.wewebu.ow.server.dmsdialogs.views.OwObjectListViewRow", you would already get a message "No items to display" as desired, which could also be localized to your needs using the label app.OwObjectListView.emptylist.

As you are not getting a message right now, I guess you are using the Ajax list view from classname="com.wewebu.ow.server.dmsdialogs.views.OwObjectListViewEXTJSGrid". There you would have to change the related JSP file amd maybe also the related javascript file. If I remeber correctly, it should be OwObjectListViewEXTJSGrid.jsp and owobjectlistviewextjsgrid.js.

So you have the option to use the pure HTML list view (you then cannot drag and drop columns and there is no inline editing possibility) or changing the Ajax list code.

I hope I could clarify things and you are able to successfully implement your project.

Best regards,

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