best way to change document library

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best way to change document library

Hi All,
I want to make following changes in default documentlibrary:

1. Add a new div in document lib page : Ex: by changing documentlist.get.html.ftl file in classes\alfresco\site-webscripts\org\alfresco\components\documentlibrary

2. Populate some values in div above based on which folder is selected in left tree of documentlibrary. WHICH FILE/CODE SHOULD I CHANGE TO COLLECT EVENT/WEBSCRIPT CALL WHICH UPDATE THE DOCUMENTLIBRARY PAGE. ??

IS THERE ANY "onNodeClicked()" event? and how can I add my custom JavaScript ?

3. I don't want to change files come with share but create a jar and put it in share/WEB-INF/lib so how should I organize my customization code. ?

I am using alfresco 4.2-c community.

Sumit Purohit

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