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Webservices & File upload


Where do i can find all the WSDLs for uploading files into my alfresco 4 installation?
I don't want to use rest API, i would like to do this using only webservices, no matter what language i'm using. Is it possible?
The aim is to create a standard procedure to upload files with ETL suites, like Talend, without writing java classes. (I've already got my java class to do that, but I don't like that way).



Re: Webservices & File upload

I suggest you use the CMIS web services. There's an AXIS/SOAP binding.

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Re: Webservices & File upload

I'm a little late maybe, but anyway :

There is an Alfresco ETL Connector for Talend, up to Alfresco 4.1, which may solve your problem since you're talking about ETL & Talend :


And note that if you don't use Talend, you may write a client for your own ETL using the provided ACP generation library, and still benefit from its features (transaction per file, bulk error response, custom import strategies such as creation vs update...).

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Alfresco ETL Connector for Talend

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