How to check if a folder exists using CMIS API

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How to check if a folder exists using CMIS API


I want to know if a folder exists in the repository but do not want to iterate through all the folders. I tried using session.GetObjectByPath method. If the folder exists in the path then it returns the ICMISObject, however if the folder does not exist then it throws an error and i have to then create the folder from the catch block. I was wondering if there was some way in which i give a path for e.g Repository/RefLibFolder/InfoTypeFolder/ContentTypeFolder then the method returns me a true or false stating that the above structure exists or not.


Hi Rita, I dont think that

Hi Rita, I dont think that API is available.

and I think you are doing it correct way.Please check below Jeff Pott's example - "Get the Target Folder"


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