dotCMIS custom type property fails for Integers

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dotCMIS custom type property fails for Integers

I'm utilizing the atompub CMIS 1.0 binding to Alfresco 4.2.f and can successfully create a document by utilizing a custom content type and set "text" custom type properties...but the same code fails to set custom properties for integers. Other than that, the documents are successfully created.

Has anyone ever experienced this? Below are further details on my setup:

C# code:
file1props = new Dictionary();
file1props[PropertyIds.ObjectTypeId] = "cmis:document";
file1props[PropertyIds.Name] = sourceFile.Name;
file1props[PropertyIds.ObjectTypeId] = "D:tcm:doc";
file1props["tcm:year"] = 2014;

using (var fileStream = sourceFile.OpenRead())
var contentStream = new DotCMIS.Data.Impl.ContentStream();
//contentStream.MimeType = "application/pdf";
contentStream.MimeType = "image/tiff";
contentStream.Stream = fileStream;
contentStream.Length = fileStream.Length;
//this._testSession.CreateDocument(properties, this._testSession.CreateObjectId(myFolder.Id), contentStream, null);
DotCMIS.Client.IDocument createdDocument = myFolder.CreateDocument(file1props, contentStream, null);

Custom Model:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> Custom Content Model trial 6 amcd 1.0 doc cm:content year d:int true cm:versionable


Regards all, A

I am having the same

I am having the same difficulty. Were you able to work around the issue?



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