Difference between Atom Pub & Browser Binding?

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Difference between Atom Pub & Browser Binding?

Hello Everyone,

This might be the very basic question but I didn't get a proper explanation, hence asking it.
We are writing some Rest services using Open CMIS, to perform CRUD operations.

On my local windows machine I had installed alfresco-community-4.2.c-installer-win-x32 but client is insisting to use 5.0.a version so I need to upgrade it.

When we change the version I have read that binding plays an important role I want to know what is the difference between 2 available bindings. If you can provide any example or URL of any article or blog would be a great help.


If you are using OpenCMIS as

If you are using OpenCMIS as a client then it shouldn't really matter which bindings you use. Yes there may be minor differences but either should be good enough.

If you are driving CMIS via Java Script then the browser binding should be a blessing since the data is returned in text/json rather than xml/atom

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