CMIS query for unique values in a property

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CMIS query for unique values in a property

Can I use CMIS to query for the unique property values of an object type? Can I use the distinct or group by clause?

eg: select distinct cmis:name from dl:dataList OR select cmis:name from dl:dataList group by cmis:name

If not, what is the alternate in Alfresco because doing this outside Alfresco will be a big performance hit and it would sound like a big limitation for the Alfresco product.

Re: CMIS query for unique values in a property

Neither select distinct nor group by is supported by the CMIS specification. So it isn't really a limitation of the product--if it were in the spec we'd have to implement it. I suppose the best you can do is an order by and then iterate over the results, maintaining your own distinct list.


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