CMIS - objectPath is unique, objectId is not

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CMIS - objectPath is unique, objectId is not

Hi all,

After going through the CMIS specification, I think having application written using CMIS getObjectByPath
would provide uniqueness to application code as well as source of data instead of objectId.

Problem with objectId (unique id based on CMS product) is that it will differ from product to product.

What I see is most of the methods accept objectId and not the objectPath. So everytime I have to use getObjectByPath to fetch objectId and then use this id to call other methods, for e.g. getContentStream.

I think CMIS specification could be improved by having objectPath of an object as an additional parameter in addition to objectId.

Please provide your comments also.


Re: CMIS - objectPath is unique, objectId is not

Just thought to share my experience regarding when to use getObjectByPath and other methods based on objectID

One of the example is to get folderstructure hierarchy.

To make it generic, I used getObjectByPath to fetch the first root folder where to start the hierarchy.
On subsequent calls to fetch children of folder I used getChildren which is a dynamic fetching of children based on ID of root folder fetchd using getObjectByPath

Hope this is useful.

Have you guys faced uniqueness issue across different repositories (Alfresco, Documentum, Filenet, Sharepoint etc...) with objectID related methods?


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