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CMIS inherited permissions

I'm developing a CMIS wrapper to interact with an Alfresco repository. This wrapper is there - as one of the main reasons for most wrappers :-) - to translate the CMIS protocol to a less granular (more functional) level. Using Apache Chemistry with the Alfresco extension I'm able to fullfill all functional requirements, except one:

A hierarchy of folders must be created, but that the "leaf" folder then should disable the creation of further subfolders by this user. In short: I need to disable the createChildren inherited ACE for the "leaf" folders. In different posts, I found out that this is not possible in the current CMIS implementation of Alfresco, so at this point I need to use a different API (native webservice). This is bad design, having 2 entry points - especially from 1 component - to the same backend system.

My question is now:
Is this going to be implemented in the near future in Alfresco CE, i.e. allowing to break the ACL inheritance - fully or partially - in the applyACL operation?

Re: CMIS inherited permissions


This is a CMIS limitation not an issue with Alfresco.
Support could be added as a extension.


Andy Hind
Alfresco Development

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