alfresco cmis behind https proxy?

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alfresco cmis behind https proxy?

Has anyone gotten /alfresco/cmisatom to work properly behind an HTTPS proxy?

Using a connection URL with https:// the session appears to get created, but then any subsequent call (like a session.getObjectByPath( ) for a known, root folder) fails, and it appears that the client (Apache Chemistry 0.7 with Alfresco Extension) is sending the request as HTTP not HTTPS.

I can successfully browse /alfresco (explorer), and I can successfully use Share via the https proxy with all my browsers. Something seems strange with the opencmis library that it's not sticking with the secured protocol and the proxy-server is basically sending back a 302 to tell it that it's got the wrong address (which it generally true).

Thanks for any tips.

Re: alfresco cmis behind https proxy?

This is probably because OpenCMIS, by default, generates absolute urls in the service document based on the incoming request. Behind a proxy, these generated urls will be incorrect. See http://www.mail-archive.com/dev@chemistry.apache.org/msg01759.html for an approach to overcoming this.

Re: alfresco cmis behind https proxy?

Great info. Thank you.

Do you know if we can use the filter referenced safely in the alfresco webapp?
I have to double check my 4.0 install, because I somehow remember it having opencmis 0.6 installed (if that's being used at all). I do pass the headers already, so it would be perfect if I just had to configure the filter.

Thanks again.

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