Alfresco and Solr filter query support.

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Alfresco and Solr filter query support.


I've added some customisations to the Alfresco/Solr code (4.0 enterprise) to support filter queries. I have created a custom field using the copy field pattern in the schema.xml, the type of the custom field is 'string' as I need a verbatim copy of the field.

In CoreTracker I can see the field is created using:


so when I build my filter query string I'm using the same method, but nothing is returned. If I change the first '\u0000' to a wildcard character i get the results I expect, i.e.


Viewing the field in Luke or the Solr's schema browser only displays the field with empty spaces, i.e. ' en myfield'

Does anyone know why nothing is returned if '\u0000' is placed before the locale in a filter query, or what should be placed before the locale as I don't what to use wildcard characters in my query.



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