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Creating Forms

Hi I am looking for guidance on how to get started with forms.

We receive and share a lot of information with clients, customers and partners through post, email, ftp etc, which would be better served via web-forms/cases. Therefore, I am evaluating Alfresco to improve our services and also to make it easier for us to manage the huge amount of content we receive.
I have installed two builds of Alfresco: community 4.2.f and community 5.0.a on separate servers. However,I can't workout how to configure forms. I can't find in Administration any references to forms or form wizard. I have installed the forms development kit on the server ver 4.2.f, but I am unable to see or create any forms. I assume that I am missing something quite basic. Can someone please give me advise on how to get started? Also is there a current forms SDK for 5.0.a?

I am also following Jeff Potts' tutorials, so that I can understand what I am doing and become efficient on Alfresco application. I have an open case to answer a simple question that should help me continue with the tutorials.

Linux, Alfresco 4.2.f and 5.0.a on different servers

Thanking you in advance

Tell me more

Thanks for reading the tutorials. The form service is used in all of them. In the content tutorial you use it when you configure the Share client for custom metadata, for example.

Maybe you could tell me more about what you're trying to do. Will your clients, customers, and partners be using Alfresco Share? And in that you would like to provide forms for them to fill out and persist that data to nodes within Alfresco? Or are they going to be using some other custom app or web page?

How do you want to save the data? With the field values as properties on nodes? Or do you want to save the JSON as file content?


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