<@makeurl /> equivalent for webscripts

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<@makeurl /> equivalent for webscripts

I wanted to know, if there's a quick way to mimic the convenient <@makeurl asset=asset/> which is found in wcmqs.

Basically I need to retrieve for a specific website a full list of assets.


I can easily build a cmis query, and this is were I am pointing at, but after retrieving the list I am quite lost about how to display the full path before each asset.

So I am also interested in knowing about other possible alternatives to achieve that.

proxy servlet

Do you want to get the document url throught webscripts api ? I'm afraid it is not possible out of box .
It seems it is feasible to build document url using cmis atom binding,but when client user click the url ,he will be asked to provide his authentication. So I think it is not a good ideal.

You can construct a url using node id for every asset returned by your cmis query,your url will send request to your proxy servlet.

/yourproxysevlet?nodeid= nodeid
And in you proxy sevlet get the document id and current user credentials information, then use cmis api download file from repository and send stream to user browser.

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Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for your reply.

The list I am preparing is not meant to be served and clicked by the users, but this is definitely a suggestion I would take into account for other works I am doing.

Can you provide an example of building the url starting from the node id ? Or at least point out the relevant api or methods for doing that.
As I specified I am in a web script 'environment'.

By the way, a correction to my question is needed because I probably have used wrong terms: it is not a url I am trying to build, but just the full path starting from the site root.

a web script 'environment'.

I'm sorry I am not very clear about your mean by a web script 'environment'.
Could you please restate your requirement?
Do you want to customize a webscript or do you want to call existing webscript?
From where do you want to call the webscript ?share?
What is the function of your webscript?

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