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Database installed in other server


I have installed a database manager in other server, specifically mariaDB in Synology NAS. Alfresco database was created successfully in mariaDB first time I logged to share. But I see alfresco server is still launching mysql when alfresco is started; I do not see the point for this. So, how I disabled mysql be run when alfresco is started ??? In fact, if jdbc url is saying that the database is located in another server, I think, Alfresco should not launch locally any database manager, am I right ???

Hector Zendejas

Yes, you are right it should

Yes, you are right it should not launch any database in local. You might have missed some configuration for remote database.What are the changes you have done to achieve this?

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yse you are right too

it should not launch any database in local

Alfresco database in remote server

For an unknown reason for me, after modifying all instances of port number 3306 to 13306 in my.cnf, mysql is not launched anymore when alfresco is started. Anybody could explain me this behaviour??

Has the same been modified in

Has the same been modified in alfresco-global.properties as well?

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