Microsoft Office Add-In Download?

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Microsoft Office Add-In Download?

I have been searching high and low for this add-in and cannot find it. Can somebody please let me know where it is?

Thanks in advance

The Sourceforge download page is linked from the Wiki homepage:

"Alfresco Office Integration" in the download panel on the right.



Thanks for the tip... must have had my eyes closed. Hey do you need to install all the files or does the Office add-in aggregate the functionality from the word, powerpoint and excel add-ins?

Thanks in advance


The "Office" version does indeed aggregate all three. I agree it's not immediately obvious!

This page should also be useful:



Installed it but only issue now is that I cannot see the panel in any of the MSFT tools. Any idea what this might be?

Usually it's due to the Microsoft pre-requisites that haven't been installed fully. Did all three pre-reqs install before the actual add-in? You should also check all Office applications have been closed before installing (sometimes the processes hang around - especially if you use Word as Outlook's email editor, for example)

Add/Remove Programs should have the following entries:
- Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
- Microsoft Office 2003 Primary Interop Assemblies
- Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office Second Edition Runtime
- Alfresco Add-in (depends which add-in(s) you installed)

It's also worth trying a reboot although, in theory anyway, none of these components should need one.


Thanks... I checked and all of the components are installed. Maybe I should try to reinstall it all. I tried rebooting and still nothing.

I get the Toolbar button in Powerpoint but not Word or Excel.

Any other suggestions?

Any service pack compatibility issues?

Strange that it should work in PowerPoint and not Word & Excel.

Usually it's a good idea to keep up-to-date with all the latest service packs, so that might be worth a try too...



about downloading: if you follow the downloads link on your left side (Download and go), the Office addins are not listed. (See http://wiki.alfresco.com/wiki/Download_Alfresco_Community_Network)

About not seeing the plugin: I must dive into this as well (although I am not a Microsoft expert) as I have probably the same problem. I installed the Word preview plugin and it was initially OK for a few weeks. Then something was changed on my system and the panel was no longer visible.
When I install the complete office plugins package, all plugins are visible except for the but the Word plugin which is still not there.

(By the way: I think the Office integration is a great way to simplify user interaction with Alfresco. So good work so far.)

Thanks - I've updated the Wiki page.


Managed to get it working by reinstalling everything. Thanks for the help. The actual Word plugin seems a bit unstable with checkin etc.

That was possibly because I had some rules on. The CIFS server seems to give write problems when saving from Word. I lost my working copy a couple of times.

any ideas about getting it more stable? I have inserted a host resolution in lmhosts just in case it was having resolver problems. Doesn't seem to make any difference. I know a bit unrelated to the Add-in problem but thought somebody might know.

It's a bug in the Office APIs unfortunately.



Interestingly enough I traced most of the problems back to PDF conversion rules I had in place. For some reason my OpenOffice 2.3 on Windows doesn't get mounted when Tomcat starts.

when I start from a cmd window I get an message box telling me that the UI language cannot be determined and that Alfresco can't load OpenOffice.

We really need the PDF conversion to happen. Any bright ideas... I could look at installing Adobe tools I guess but I don't know how to configure.

Are you sure the message isn't that Alfresco can't connect to OpenOffice? I'm reasonably sure we don't kick off OpenOffice if it's not loaded already.

Generally people seem to run OpenOffice Portable when the server starts up and let Alfresco connect to that upon Tomcat start.


When I start Tomcat manually...

1) I get a message box coming up from OpenOffice that says"This application cannot be started. The user interface language cannot be determined".

2) The Tomcat boot proceeds and I get the following messages in the Tomcat console Window:
"Could not detect RMI registry - creating new one"

then next message:

"A connection to OpenOffice could not be established"

It then goes ahead and starts up with normal looking messages in the Tomcat console.

Thanks in advance

Re: Microsoft Office Add-In Download?

If you are having difficulty in finding the downloads for Microsoft office 2003 Add-ins

here it is -

Scroll down to the bottom and you will find the plug-ins for Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Thank you

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Re: Microsoft Office Add-In Download?

Please try not to reply to 2.5 year-old threads. I expect the original posters have found either found what they were looking for, or given up by now! :)


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